Monday, April 22, 2013


I  T H R I V E  off of teacher compliments.
I had a great day today.

My drawing teacher told me she wanted me in advanced art and that I was doing a really good job on my perspective drawing. (This time I used a stool instead of the floor so my legs wouldn't fall asleep.) So I was already in a good mood when I walked down to choir.
When I arrived, I noticed the lists for next year's choirs were posted by the door. I tried out for A Capella, and I made it (as an alto, which is my favorite). I thought back to the day of my audition, when Durtschi stopped me in the hall to tell me I sang beautifully. I was feeling extremely pleased and pretty on top of the world in my cobalt blue skinny jeans and delighted smile.
As I walked in the room, I heard Mr. Durtschi exclaim, "Tess!" and he walked toward where I stood.
"You weren't at callbacks!" he lamented as he wiped an invisible tear.
I was surprised, as I didn't know callbacks even happened. "I didn't know of this," I said with a bashful smile.
"I had you on my list for Chamber callbacks," he explained. He seemed bummed that I didn't show up.
I bet my heart skipped three beats.
You see, A Capella is the big advanced choir at our school. Chamber Choir is the smaller, super top dawg choir. I merely signed up to audition for A Capella, but apparently he wanted me in Chamber, despite what I wrote on my audition paper.
I said, "Well, I still have senior year after next year!" I wasn't upset that I wasn't in Chamber for junior year because of my ignorance regarding callbacks; after all, I wanted to be in A Capella anyway. But I have never been more honored. I can still hardly believe it.
"You better stick with me!" Durtschi told me, but he didn't need to. I know I will always take choir.

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