Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I am a brain. A bundle of mushy cords all stuffed inside of a skull, as if that will prevent it from tangling. In fact, I'm only ten percent of a brain. I am small particles within a tangly, mushy blob.

But I am more than a brain. I am a pair of wide feet with terrible circulation. A pair of arms with reasonably flexible skin, judging by the stretch marks. I am a big butt and big thighs. I am a button nose and chapstick-coated lips. I am vocal cords. I am a body with muscles and bruises and a black eye.

And that's not all. I am 18 years worth of photographs. Two and a half journals with missing pages and ticket stubs pasted inside. I am a striped afghan with a hole in the bottom left side. I am a box of Corn Flakes. I am a closet full of clothes. I am a collage of things and fibers and cells and nerves and dreams and nightmares and mushy cords.

My name is Tessa Hatchett. I am a college student. I am an employee. I am a friend, a sister, and a daughter. I am agnostic. I am an intellectual and a philosopher, but I am still a child: goofy and needy and fragile and forgiving. I am a fat bikini-wearer with the will to love herself. I am emotional and logical. I am a piece in the life puzzle of hundreds of people. I am a person. I am so much more than I thought I was twenty-four hours ago when I was cried that I was worth nothing. In fact, I am so many things, I am nearly everything. You are everything, too, and that is definitely worth something.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I'd always thought of he and I as friends, but today I realized we don't actually know that much about each other. We were only friends through her. But she isn't herself. Neither of us know who she even is anymore.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014: Through Selfies and Snapchats

2014 was difficult. I feel like this is how I start every new year post, but I guess every year just gets comparably worse. This year I attended frequent sessions with a doctor, a nutritionist, and a therapist... all seemingly to no avail. I moved, attended 3 different wards, cried, painted pictures of my old house, and pined for a stable life.
On the other hand, I vacationed to Vegas, California/Disneyland, Idaho, St. Louis/Six Flags, and Illinois. I sang in Chamber Choir, went to a formal dance, was accepted into both colleges I applied to, sang along to concerts, went on dates, bought a new phone, cuddled with my dog every night, and made memories with friends and family that will last forever. That is why I am writing this post. Because this year was arguably the hardest year of my life, but it was full of adventure.