Saturday, January 30, 2016

b o w i e

I was listening to Teenage Wildlife today. By the man himself, David Bowie, of course. I miss him so much. And I don't post very often on this blog anymore, but I read a YouTube comment on Teenage Wildlife that really struck me. Madeline Gass shared, "Rest In Peace David Bowie. Another burst of colour robbed from our ever-greying world. A virtuosic legend who seemed invincible, but whose works in music, film, fashion, and art are immortal."
When he died, that is truly how I felt. I can't count how many times I've cried. I felt as if something amazing had been robbed from the world, and I still feel that way to some degree, but I realize that he is still very much with us. His works are so immortal that we started to believe he was immortal, too, and that's why his death came as such a shock, I think.
I love Bowie. I love his courage and innovative nature. I love that he made music all the way up until the end of his life. It wasn't about the money, or the fame. It was about making art, making a statement, and changing the world. That is the best way to live. I will always remember Bowie, and I am disappointed that I will never be able to personally thank him for the service he has done for me and countless others. Rest in Peace, Starman. I love you.