Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Most Embarassing Moment

Today, I experienced my most embarrassing moment in high school thus far.

I was sitting cross-legged on the floor in the hall during A1 Drawing. We were drawing the hallway, so I had been sitting cross-legged for about 45 minutes. My legs were asleep and starting to hurt. Not the tingly kind of hurt, but the there's-absolutely-no-blood-circulating-through-my-legs kind of hurt. Suddenly, the bell rang to go to A2. Crap, I thought, I have to stand up now. I gathered my things and shifted my body slightly. My legs were definitely asleep.
People were now out of classrooms and filtering into the hall. I quickly stood up, but it felt strange. Usually when my foot is asleep, it is numb but I still kind of have control of it and a sense of its dimensions, and that's how my right leg felt. However, it felt like my left leg was GONE... like I didn't even have a left leg. I looked down at my feet. My left foot was twisted the wrong direction. I was pretty freaked out, and I tried to straighten my foot, but it was as if my brain could no longer control my leg at all. My crooked foot would not move. I remembered I didn't have much time to get across the school to my next class, so I stepped forward. Kind of. The instant I lifted my right foot, my useless left leg gave way and I collapsed on the ground.
People were swarming the hall intersection where I lay on the ground. It felt like the scene in The Lion King when Mufasa is trampled by wildebeests.
People stepped all around me. I couldn't just wait there on the ground; I had to get to my class. I started  c r a w l i n g  across the floor, holding all of my stuff on one arm and dragging my limp leg behind me. When I finally made it through the busy hall intersection and into the art hall, I took hold of the wall and stood up. My left leg was literally flopping around every which way, so I was limping on my completely numb right leg, holding a bunch of art supplies, and sliding my left shoulder awkwardly against the wall as I walked. My classmates all passed me and gave me funny looks without saying a word.
I eventually made it into the Drawing room, retrieved my backpack, and walked trudged down to my A2 once my legs were again functional.

I'm already laughing about the experience now, but right after it happened, I was pretty traumatized.

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