Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Understand Peter Pan

I had girls camp last week, so my parents waited to put me on the car insurance. Monday this week was the first time I've driven alone. It was the
perfect moment. I played "Better Together" by Jack Johnson, just like I'd always planned, and my little silver Neon seemed to fly. I've never felt so free. I was feeling on top of the world and pretty big at that moment.

Now it's Wednesday, and today I started job hunting. I filled in applications for ShopKo, Target, and Macey's.
(if any of you have a suggestion of a great place to work that hires 16 year olds, let me know! I would really appreciate it!)
It was scary. I drove on big roads and talked to people who already have jobs. I filled out my applications to say I have no work experience.
Honestly, as excited as I am to move on with my life, the real world is really intimidating, and growing up is hard.
Today, I'm feeling pretty small.

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