Wednesday, July 17, 2013

For Half of Summer

This summer, so far, I:
  • Watched Netflix in between loads of laundry.
  • Turned in job applications.
    • Went to a stressful job interview.
  • Helped my sister move 40 miles away from me.
    • Cried the next morning because I already missed her. 
  • Discovered new music.
  • Complained that I've never been on a date.
    • Pushed away the only one willing to take me on one.
  • Got mad at my best friend for meddling in my love life.
  • Had a big fight with my best friend.
  • Went to the mall by myself.
    • Coveted everything at Forever Young Shoes.
  • Went swimming with my wardies.
  • Watched Monsters University and Safe Haven. 
    • Loved them both.
  • Did yard work [by force].
  • Watched the 1995 Dream Cast Les Miserables concert on YouTube.
  • Painted my toenails a beautiful shade of lilac.
  • Harassed my dad into fixing my shower head so it would stop spraying over the door.
    • Took a shower without having to mop up afterwards.
  • Went to the book club.
    • Heard stories of when all of the ladies at book club had their children.
      • [It's a hot topic for them.]
  • Thought about the upcoming school year.
  • Played Rock Band and ate slushees with my family.
  • Texted my sister random pictures of everything. 
  • Tweeted about how slow our internet is being. 
    • Didn't blog because of how slow our internet is being.
One more half of summer to go.

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