Monday, June 10, 2013

the girl with long hair.

I didn't cut my hair for an entire year. It was long, and people never noticed that my split ends had split ends. "I can tell you take really good care of your hair," they'd say. I would smile, say thank you, and then internally laugh because of how much of a mess my hair actually was. I DID notice my split ends, and was dreadfully watching them break for months.
This week I finally had it trimmed. The nice lady snipping away at the bottoms of my "luscious locks" made a comment I have not since forgotten. She laughed and said, "Your hair is so long that when you get it cut people probably don't notice. You're still the girl with long hair."
I haven't stopped thinking about that simple remark. Even though my life continues to shift and change over the years, I'm still me. No pair of scissors can change that.

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