Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fresh Fruit

I'm sure it's obvious enough that I wasn't having a good day yesterday, but it ended up being good.
Turns out my [over] 72 hour headache ended just in time for me to go to a concert... thank the heavens above for that. I went to the Orem High choir concert (basically all of my friends from jr. high go there). I'm not going to transfer out of Timpanogos, but sometimes I really miss those kids. They are such gems, and they greeted me so warmly last night. There were people that hardly spoke to me at CVJH, but now that I go to a different school, they seemed ecstatic to see me, as if we've been friends all along. It made me think, maybe more people noticed me than I thought. I always felt rather invisible, but I continue to be surprised at how many people know my name.
Also, I felt happy. I felt happy because I felt new. Being with all these people from my past, I realized how I different I am. No matter how much of a loser I have felt like recently, I'm definitely less of one since last year. I've grown and learned so many new things. Heck, I'd say I've learned more stuff in my classes this year than any other year of school. It was refreshing to see myself from that perspective. Not as a forgotten, dried up and rotting fruit, but one freshly picked from the tree and put in a decorative bowl with the others. You can laugh at that all you want... I'm feeling fresh.

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