Sunday, December 7, 2014


Last Saturday I was at the school early in the morning practicing for choir. I drove all the way there, found a spot in the parking lot, and pulled out my phone to make a snapchat lightly complaining about my situation. I opened the app and held it at the appropriate selfie angle. But when the app loaded and the camera opened, it wasn't on forward-facing, but was pointing outside my little car and into the massive expanse of the sky. What I saw was breathtaking. The clouds were voluminous, reflecting the light of the sun, and filled my screen with an almost magical beauty. How did I miss such a sight on the entire drive here? How could I be so blind? I knew the answer. I was only looking at myself. My single-mindedness was holding me back from all of the good things surrounding me. I was reminded to flip my camera more in life.
Take the time to focus on what is around you; if you only focus on yourself, you miss out on the exquisite beauty of your own environment. Open your eyes to a new perspective. You don't know yet what you will find.


  1. Good thought Tessa!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love love love this, and I love you. I needed this today, thank you for being my angel.