Monday, January 6, 2014

The Evolution of my Eyebrows

I'm 100% sure that anyone who is really close to me saw this post coming. I've struggled with my eyebrows for years. This weekend, when my mom had me clean out some old school things and pictures, I was reminded of all of the horrific states my poor brows have been in. So enjoy this series of photos, and feel free to shed a tear or two on my face's behalf. (BONUS CONTENT: Crappily applied make up)

 2009: All natural

2010: Waxed and kind of tweezed

2010:  Extremely over-tweezed

2011: Growing back

2012: Grown out, but thin and invisible

2013: .....Eyebrow penciled

2013: Misshapen and overdrawn

2013: Toned down


So basically all I accomplished in 2013 was learning what NOT to do with make up. Cheers to 2014.


  1. You have strikingly beautiful eyes!!!!

  2. I am impressed that you try new things. Most folks just keep doing the same dumb things for fear they will make a different mistake than the one they are currently stuck in. You go girl! Keep trying and keep being brave!

  3. doing my eyebrows scares me. The most I do is tweeze the occasional uni-brow and random hairs creeping down to my eyeballs. I've been too chicken to shape them or try pencils. I'm afraid I'll lose them, or end up with a Mexican sharpie looking eyebrow. lol