Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014.

Confession #976421: I HATE New Years.
"Ah, the new year," I wrote on January 1, 2013. "People say, 'What goes up must come down.' But in that moment when you're sitting in the 20-foot ditch 2012 threw you in, you really just want to make a new rule that says, 'What goes down must come UP.' That'd really be nice for a change."
Less than a week later I wrote, "I'm not okay. I'm sure I'll be okay later; I'm just not right now." Well, later never really came in 2013. This New Years has probably been the most depressing of any year before. I made 0 goals, and I didn't want to. I hate that whole fresh start thing, because we treat every year like it's own separate thing. Everyone thinks the new year and their new life is a package deal, but it's not. In a week or two you'll be back to doing whatever tedious and repetitive things you did last year. Writing a 4 instead of a 3 on your checks won't make your bills any cheaper. Wishing you could lose 50 pounds won't make you any thinner. But maybe that's what I hate about New Years goals: no one ever does anything about them. I never do anything about them. And now the beginning of the year just represents all of the things I failed to do last year. I hate that.

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  1. I was literally just thinking about this! it's so true.